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A successful Dutch campaign: Tom Schreurs experience as head of marketing of FC Twente

A successful Dutch campaign: Tom Schreurs experience as head of marketing of FC Twente

How would you describe your job at FC Twente in a few lines?

Tom: With the marketing team we used to work together with all commercial departments such as Ticketing, Sponsoring, Hospitality and Merchandise. We used to support marketing activities for all B2b and B2C products of the clubs. From sponsor activation campaigns and promotional content creation to market research and sales analysis. Our goal was to satisfy the needs of fans and sponsors to increase revenues.

How do you see the future of sport digital marketing and social media?

Tom: I believe that digitalisation is an unstoppable trend and digital marketing will become more and more important for every sport organisation. Fans consume more content then ever and social media makes it possible to compete directly with sport content consumption through traditional channels such as TV. Most sport organisations are still thinking in old-fashioned models and there are a lot of chances for these ‘lovebrands’ to improve their marketing results based on digital tactics. Not only to sell more tickets and merchandise, but also to increase return on investment with digital sponsorship models. Digital marketing allows organisations to speak with thousands of fans on a personal level in a way that is relevant to them based on their needs.

Could you tell us an example of a social media campaign which has struck you as being incredible, brilliant and successful? What we are asking for is a short sport digital marketing story that you consider worth spreading.

Tom: The digital marketing campaign that struck me in the last couple of months is the introduction of the new sponsor of Corinthians, OMO sports. OMO sports is a laundry detergent especially to reduce the smell of sweat. They launched their sponsorship with a kit that showed the sponsor only after players were beginning to sweat during the match. This brilliant idea was worldwide on the news with massive exposure a large reach on social media. I believe it’s brilliant because of the great natural fit between the goal, concept and execution of this campaign.

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