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Social Media to build your online business: a wonderful, fast-changing market!

We spend quite a lot of time online. We click like, we follow other users and leave comments on their profiles every day. Some of us for hours a day. Our smartphone is an integral part of our daily life.

But in reality we are really far from knowing everything about social media, because social media trends are changing rapidly and the only thing we can  do is to learn as much as possible and run with it!

As social media professionals, you know what works today may not work in the next few weeks and nobody – especially a human!- is ever ready for such a rapidly changing scenario!

But which are the social media trends that are currently dominating the market?

  • First of all live videos. According to Facebook, people spend much more time on live videos than on pre-recorded content; they also much prefer watching videos than reading written content (such as blog posts, etc.). Videos have become the perfect vehicle to push the consumer into a brand story and to get him involved in a brand new way. But making videos that can start a discussion is not a simple task; it takes a lot of planning, talent, strategy and a deep knowledge of the audience you want to reach.
  • Instagram stories. When in August 2016, Instagram launched Stories, billion of people suddenly fell even more in love with the app, and many brands rushed to ride this huge wave to sell their products in a new, fast and engaging virtual place! Instagram Story ads are still one the most productive formats for social brands, because it permits them to publish short videos, photos (with charming design and special effects) or carousels on their profile to show more than one product. Additionally, you can do specific actions using Story ads like retargeting, promoting an offer, asking your audience about their favourite products or any other information, from which color they expect to find in the next season’s collection to other vital information to best reach your target audience.
  • Smart chatbots. Did you ever have doubts about one of your purchases? May be you were unsure about the right size of an item or the kind of service a company was offering. Or maybe you have a food allergy and want to be sure that there would not be any surprise in your take away pizza! What would you rather want to find in a website? A telephone number that you have to call or a magic chat that opens when you need a precise information?

I don’t know what your answer may be, but people really love chatbots. According to Facebook, over 2 billion messages are exchanged between people and businesses each month! Chats can clarify doubts, meet the demand for human contact or simply solve a problem during the purchase process. And all these actions are performed in a very quick and user-friendly way.

It beggars belief that most of the time there aren’t any human beings behind this chat, but an automatic bot instead, designed to solve specific problems.

We cannot say what the future is going to bring, but we cannot wait to see all the 2020 social fresh, and we promise you that they will be all on display at the Digital Marketing Revolution Conference.

Arianna Ioli

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