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Welcome to Amsterdam!

Old buildings in Amsterdam

A dynamic startup hub in Europe

Many of us know Amsterdam as the perfect cultural and artistic destination for a weekend getaway, a bike-friendly and green city, the home of many top-notch university and a metropolitan area where citizens enjoy enviable high-living standards.
Only a few know that the Dutch capital is also a real magnet for businesses, and especially, startups. For instance, finding the right hotel has never been easier with Booking.com, and no one even remembers how we sent files before WeTransfer – what these two major companies have in common is that they are both headquartered in Amsterdam. Lately, the city has welcomed many tech giants and innovative companies, becoming an ever-evolving startup ecosystem and an attractive investment destination.
Brexit is a real boon for this urban area. In 2019, the European Medicines Agency moved from London in 2019, strengthening the city’s MedTech reputation, and, according to the Dutch foreign investment agency (NFIA), more than 98 firms have relocated to or expanded their operations in the city due to Brexit uncertainty – demonstrating how sound it is to do business in the “Venice of the North”.
In 2019, KPMG named Amsterdam #16 in the world and #4 in Europe in a list of cities outside of Silicon Valley most likely to serve as a top tech innovation hub in the next four years. And the Netherlands takes top place in the Global Expansion Tech Index 2020, thanks to its excellent infrastructure, connectivity and talent pool.
To unleash the full potential companies at their arrival, the government assists and supports with establishing in the area, creating a long-term network of business. The city council, with its program StartupAmsterdam, is aware of the social impact of tech. Their goal is to foster a more sustainable business model and further improve access to talent, capital and markets for startups. So, make sure you keep and eye on Amsterdam’s startup and tech scene, because in the next few years many relevant innovations will surely originate here.

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